Blackskull Trading Welcomes You

House Blackskull is a name that has been whispered among criminals, vandals, and miscreants for decades. With deep roots in the slave markets, House Blackskull has had the monopoly on the slave trade amongst the Outer Rim.

Tisroc Hondo Walker decided to rebrand the clan as Blackskull Trading, and to open our doors to the public while still remaining loyal to the Zann Consortium.

The headquarters of Blackskull Trading can be found on Ifran C in the Vaxal System with a public black market located in a Trading II station. There, customers can rent rooms, conduct trade, and pickup orders, all slave business takes place on the moon. Despite starting in slavery, Blackskull has diversified their markets to include drugs, weapons, and black market goods. We are driven to provide the galaxy with the most economical and hardest-working slaves that credits can buy